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Ivan Foster


Ivan Leon Foster

Major General

California National Guard Reserves

1951 - 1965

Brigadier General

United States Army

World War I / World War II

Born:  April 23, 1896

Died:  November 26, 1965

Legion of Merit



Ivan's service during World War II

1942 - 1944 Commanding Officer Artillery 84th Division                                                 1944 - 1945 Deputy Chief of Staff Allied Forces North Africa                                         1948 -          Retired

Information obtained from http://www.generals.dk/general/Forster/Ivan_Leon/USA.html

In the summer, June 2001, I, Alex Foster, was able to go to Arlington National Cemetery and to visit my Great Uncle Ivan's grave.  As far as my knowledge goes, I am the first of my family to see it.  I went on an eighth grade class trip to Washington D.C., and on one of the days of the trip, we traveled to Arlington. 

My seventh grade social studies teacher, Mr. Ryan Tusek, went with me to find the grave and took the picture of me beside it.  Remembering from the Family History (Update 1980), I inquired about Ivan's son's grave, but for whatever reason, his name was not on file with them.  The map that we used to find Ivan's grave is shown below.



    Details of the map:


        Name:  Foster

        Grave:  141-A  Section:  34


        Nov. 26, 1965




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