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Welcome to the

Foster Family History




Si Fractus Fortis

(though broken, brave)


The following history was compiled by Ivan Foster, who started it in 1927 and updated it until his death in 1965.  It was updated by his younger brother, George, in 1980.  George's wife, Wilma, added to the collection of history in 1991 and 1997.

There should hopefully be another update sometime in this new millennium.  This update will hopefully be done by Wilma Foster, Doug Foster (her son), and the author of these pages, Alex Foster (Doug's son).


Pages were written in this order, but view them in your own order if you like (or Download them):

                    Foster Family History

                    Attachment 'A'

                    Attachment 'B'

                    Update 1980

                    Christmas 1991


                    A Love Story


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